Adolescent Discovery Group

Creating a Lifestyle of Sobriety


For teens who are experimenting with drugs/alcohol to go from a path leading to addiction,
to a sober and meaningful life worth living.


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If you’ve been:

  • Worrying about your teen experimenting with drugs or alcohol
  • Concerned about it leading to a life of addiction
  • Noticing that your teen lies about or hides their use
  • Noticing a change in your teen’s behavior
  • Experiencing conflict in your relationship with your teen because of their drug/alcohol use
  • Smelling drugs or alcohol on their breath, clothes, or vehicle
  • Feeling like nothing’s working to get them to stop
  • Feeling ineffective as a parent



Creating a Lifestyle of Sobriety is designed to take your teen from dangerous,
risky substance use to:

  • Have a safe, sober, fun, and meaningful lifestyle
  • Have fun without using drugs and alcohol
  • Understand why drugs and alcohol ISN’T the answer to having fun or self-medicating, and how they can achieve sobriety with peer support
  • Develop meaningful friendships with others without drugs and alcohol
  • How you can get them into counseling without a fight

Is it worth it to take the chance that your teen’s experimentation now will lead to a life in which they struggle with addiction?  Or, to pay the
Ultimate price of addiction?


Hi, I'm Gabriella.  I help parents just like you go from terrified that your child will live a life of addiction to having your kid back -  safe and sober.  

Are you concerned, but not sure if your child is experimenting with illicit substance?  Lewisville Family Counseling also offers a Drug Screen and Consultation Service.  Click here to learn more!

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