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African American Couple

Couples Counseling

Perhaps you are fighting like cats and dogs...
                 Or are emotionally disengaged.

Are you struggling in your marriage or relationship?

You are not alone. Your life partner is one of the most important and influential relationships that you have. When that relationship is suffering, life can indeed be difficult. Jennifer has completed Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and uses this evidence-based therapy to help improve couples' relationship satisfaction.

The first session consists of an Oral History Interview with the couple. This helps me to get to know your relationship from the very first date.

Next, each partner is provided with inventories to take home, complete, and bring back to the next appointment.

The second session will be individual sessions for each partner.

After these first two sessions and the inventories have been completed, we will meet together again to collaboratively discuss a treatment plan, including what you hope to accomplish and how often sessions will be scheduled.

Intensive Couples Therapy

After the initial assessment process, some couples prefer to begin intensive work toward their relationship, in order to quickly gain new skills and incorporate change. Currently Jennifer is offering a three day couples intensive at the rate of $3000. Call 336-945-0137 to inquire.

Call today. Your relationship is worth it.


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